Shakedown Incubator @ Banta Promotions.

Promotional Products Quality & Function Approved



Banta Promotions’ product recommendations start with our exclusive Shakedown Incubator that provides hands-on real-world testing. Our testing touches many factors: product quality, imprint legibility, product form and function.  The point of the testing is separate the outstanding values in promotional products from the run of the mill.  We recommend only the products that excel in quality and that represent an outstanding value.  Contrast Banta Promotions hands-on approach to our competitors that routinely recommend products that are a manufacturing close-out or discontinued with a questionable history.  In our competitor’s world, the illusion of a low price will soften the failure of cheap products shoddy quality or low-grade imprint, or some other unknown product issue that may cost you way more than a few pennies per unit.

Is testing important?  

Yes!  Take an ordinary ball-point pen.  Nothing fancy. We recommend only pens from three manufacturers.  These pens will remain shelf stable for 18-24 months without drying out.  (Important in Colorado’s Dry climate.)  Also, this group of pens is resistant to leaking due Colorado’s altitude.

Why care? 

When a pen fails, the writer, has an almost visceral reaction and will typically throw the pen in the trash without any thought.  I’ve personally witnessed pens being chucked across a busy office to hit a trash can, expletive deleted, with an ill-fated logo emblazoned on the now airborne writing instrument. The pen’s shortened life will have a detrimental impact on your promotional and adverting budget and effectiveness.