The Right Artwork is Key to a Quality Product

  • Jul 27, 2017


The Right Artwork is Key to a Quality Product




Perhaps one of the most important – and sometimes frustrating - obstacles to overcome when ordering promotional products is finding artwork that will produce the best results.

 Many businesses representatives think they can use the artwork off their website or brochure for their promotional products.  Nothing could be further from the truth - if you want quality results.

Here’s why: For artwork to work best on a website, it should be a raster image, such as a JPG file, which is lower resolution and doesn’t slow down a website. For artwork to work best on a promotional product, it needs to be a vector graphic, which is most often an EPS file.  To explain a little further, vector graphics are more flexible because they are built using mathematical formulas. Vector images remain true. They maintain the image’s line and graphic quality.

On the other hand, raster images are constructed using a fixed number of color pixels. They will lose their resolution and become distorted when they are resized or manipulated for different uses.   If you only submit a raster file for your promotional products order, you are setting yourself up for either additional charges and delays to have the artwork corrected, or poor printing results if the artwork’s shortcomings are not fixed. 

And there are no short cuts! You cannot embed a raster image into an EPS file and expect good results.  When thinking about your artwork, you also need to know your correct colors. Virtually all printed solid colors are defined by the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Most spot printed colors are defined numerically, such as “Red: PMS 032.”

 When placing your order, be sure the shade of color is the exact shade you need. You can’t specify a color in general terms, like blue or red. There are dozens of different hues – and some might look bad with your other marketing and branding materials.

 If you’d like personalized help with your artwork or coordinating your promotional products campaign, call Banta Promotions at 303.680.7680..


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