Effective Advertising Includes Promotional Products

  • Jul 27, 2017


With so many advertising options available today, how does a smart business owner choose what’s best?  According to exclusive research performed by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI):


    • Nine in 10 people remember the brand on the promotional products they receive. That amazing 90% recall rate is 67% percent higher than broadcasting advertising and 78% higher than online, print and mobile advertising.
    • Eight in 10 consumers are likely to pass along – rather than throw away - a promotional product if it is something they don’t want or need. These gifts help to expand your reach and keep your message in front of potential customers.
    • A whopping 83% of people who received a promotional product said they were more likely to do business with the company that gave them the product. That compares to 17% who were influenced to make a purchase by ads on mobile devices and broadcast mediums, 12% by print ads and 6% by online advertising.

 So much for all that hoopla about online and mobile advertising!  It’s apparent that promotional products can create a memorable and lasting experience for the people who receive them. Consumers are also more receptive to the branding message because they don’t look at promotional products as advertising.

  One key to a successful campaign, however, is to make sure that your promotional products are relevant to your current and potential customers. You want to make sure you are giving them something they can use and/or that addresses their passions and purpose.

 For that reason, it is best to consult an expert if you are considering a promotional products campaign. They can help you choose an effective promotional product that will engage your customer base.


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