Customer Demographics need to be Considered with Promo Products!

  • Sep 25, 2017


When you are planning a marketing campaign with promotional products, it is vital that you consider the interests of your target market.


You’ll get the best results if you provide a product that has a useful function – such as a water bottle, key chain or cell phone “wallet,” to name just a few.  You want your product – and brand – to be incorporated into your customers’ daily lives.


Since the right product in the right hands will produce a fantastic return on your marketing investment, let’s consider the actual reasons consumers have given for keeping promotional products, based on their age.


According to research from Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), they will keep promotional products that:


Provide a Practical Function 


86% - Baby Boomers


85% - Generation Xers


83% - Millennials


Fit my Style and/or Personality 


48% - Millennials


42% - Generation Xers


35% - Baby Boomers


Carry a Personally Relatable Message 


31% - Millennials


28% - Generation Xers


18% - Baby Boomers


If you provide products that fulfill the criteria above, you are adding value for your customers and prospects. In addition, you are building trust and a following. 


This is particularly true among Millennials, who report that promotional products are the most effective way to advertise to them. They say promotional products are better than broadcast, online, mobile and print advertising, with 31% indicating a promotional product would definitely increase their loyalty to a company or brand.


Although the numbers are less for Generation Xers (21%) and Baby Boomers (15%), it is clear promotional products are an effective form of advertising. 


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